ResearchIn addition to the research that we do as a part of producing full-length reference titles, we take on projects for clients wishing to find out about a particular market or industry. We normally do this work on an hourly basis but are open to bidding a project for which a well-defined objective can be determined in advance of the work.

Examples of the sorts of projects we’ve done include:

  1. Researching the office supply market and finding out the size of the U.S. market for clipboards, by type — for an entrepreneur preparing to launch a new product.
  2. Preparing a study of the market for wooden pallets in North America — for an international cement company.
  3. Doing an analysis of market share leaders within the industrialized world in each of six industries, auto manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, general retailing, commercial airlines, banking, and non-cellular long distance phone service providers — for the lobbying arm of a Fortune 500 petroleum company.