Data Processing

Data ProcessingData processing means different things to different people.
Here is what we mean when we speak of data processing; any one or all of the following activities.

  • Designing a structure in which to best work with and showcase the data upon which a project is based
  • Capturing raw data and combining diverse data sets from multiple sources
  • Digitizing and standardizing data that arrive in any non-digital formats
  • Converting data into a standard format and applying a specific project taxonomy
  • Data scrubbing and cleaning work such as deduping and random fact checking
  • Analyzing data sets to find patterns, identify outliers and answer specific queries
  • Designing useful ways of presenting data in tables, graphs and text blocks for print and electronic display

We do a lot of data processing as part of producing reference works. We also take on data processing projects for others. Having worked with data sets large and small, in a number of very different formats, and using a variety of different tools, we have experience working with all manner of scenarios.

Call for a consultation on your project or send an email inquiry. We are happy to provide immediate ballpark bids based on a description of the work and pending detailed specifications.